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Improvement in learner scores

Hundreds of live online works and lectures delivered globally.

Expert teaching faculty from more than fifteen leading academic institutions.

“Through these lectures we have learned how to benefit our patients with life saving diagnosis. Therefore, we support and thank Health4TheWorld for these conferences which undoubtedly enrich the knowledge of health personnel at Tena hospital.”

05LIC. Katia Garcia – Deputy Coordinator for Education

“I am 45 years old stroke survivor. Stroke changed my life overnight and I was in ICU for 3 days. I had lost hope. Health4TheWorld stroke app is a helpful tool for stroke patients like me  to fight stroke with useful tips and makes me smile.”

05Chitra, Nepal

“The conferences in Spanish are very important and have helped us medical residents of hospitals in Ecuador a lot. They allow us to learn and improve our knowledge to apply in our daily practice to help patients.”

05Dr. Ivonne Quimi – Medical Resident

“My name is Sonam. I am a driver in Bhutan and had a stroke 3 months ago. There are no doctors close to my villag. Health4theWorld app  has helped me move and given me hope that I may be able to go back to driving soon.”

05Sonam, Stroke survivor, Bhutan

Education Of Health Care Professionals  Around The World







Education Of Health Care Professionals  Around The World








“I like the app a lot. Just by touching the screen, you can tell somebody something like ‘I want to use the bathroom’. When I had my stroke, I could talk but my family and the doctors could not understand me. If I had this, I tell, my life would have been different when I was down. I thank God for this and will use it now. How did they make this kind of a thing and who made it?” 

– Mr Njoh Ephraim, Cameroon, Africa

“We told him about Dr Bhavya Rehani and the Health 4 the world team”

– Dr Marie Eke Cyrielle

I am a housewife doing fine with my daily living. Then few days back I suddenly develops left sided weakness. So I have difficulty with walking and to do my day to day work. It is like a thunderstorm in my life. 

I used to use the health4theworld stroke app with the help of my daughter. My doctor has advised me to do regular physiotherapy but due to expense it was not possible for me . But with this app my daughter helps me to do the exercise regularly by following the instructions and it does really help me. Now I could move my hand and legs to some extent and manage to walk by myself. It’s a lot for me.

Of course I would recommend other stroke survivor to use this app as It is a great initiative which is also absolutely free. 

– Anjali Shaha, Bangladesh

I had this devastating stroke 7 months back at night while I was sleeping. Before stroke hit me, I was hard working man and I was the only backbone for my family. I used to do my work by myself but now I have to depend on others. Now my son is responsible of taking care of me and doing other household works and even earning. After stroke everything around me changed drastically but still I am quite positive about it and doing my best to get over it.

Mobile app is very useful. I loved how every sections are beautifully designed for stroke survivors like me. As I am quite forgetful, app is totally taking care of my medicine timings and is an alternative way to avoid going to physiotherapist. With the help of this app I can save my money and do excercises at home. Hence this app is like a boon to me.

I want others to use it because it’s very helpful whether for stroke or non stroke patients. It has various things that would help in stroke prevention and also the dietary chart is best for healthy living.

– Thaman Bahadur B.K, Nepal

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