Dr. Albert Nyanga

Dr. Albert Nyanga


Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon, Central Africa


May 27, 2019

Let me introduce you to the remarkable Dr. Albert Nyanga of Cameroon. As a young boy Albert was enamored by people in uniform, particularly white uniforms. Growing up in the church, with weekly masses and his time as an altar server, Albert thought that one day he might become a priest, adorned in a prestigious uniform of ivory robes. This earnest childhood ambition continued up until the day Albert was outside playing with other kids and got a splinter of wood in his eye.

An immediate shock rushed through his body, followed by a continuous throbbing pain. Thankfully, Albert was treated by a doctor who was able to successfully remove the wood and eliminate the pain. In no time Albert was heading home, heartened and full of admiration for the doctor who cared for him. From that day forward Albert was set on becoming a doctor so that he too could heal and relieve people of their pain.


Today Albert is an internist and the Assistant Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. As a referral hospital with some of the more advanced equipment and technologies in the country, Mbingo serves patients from throughout Cameroon as well as Nigeria, Chad, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, it isn’t necessarily an easy or quick journey for patients to make as the hospital is located in the rural northwest region of Cameroon, some 250 miles (405 kilometers) from the nation’s capital of Yaoundé.