The purpose is to establish a relationship between Health4TheWorld and the Institution whereby a team of people at the Institution will act as one of Health4TheWorld’s Humanitarian Innovation Hubs, for purposes of improving medical education for healthcare providers and access to healthcare in under-resourced communities worldwide.  The Institution is hereinafter referred to as “Humanitarian Innovation Hub.”

Health4TheWorld and Humanitarian Innovation Hub will work together to improve health awareness and education for patients and help local providers provide better care by collaborating with Health4theworld and other Humanitarian Innovation Hubs around the world in various projects including:

  • Global Education
  • Research Mentorship
  • Health Awareness

The above goals will be accomplished by a combination of various work and operations set forth on Exhibit A which include global education & research mentorship hereto, which is incorporated herein by reference.  In addition to the operations contemplated on Exhibit A, additional work may be undertaken in the future as mutually agreed upon by Health4TheWorld and Humanitarian Innovation Hub, in which case the parties will agree on addendums to Exhibit A as necessary.

The parties hereby agree to the following: