Welcome As A Chapter!

We look forward to working with you in the common mission of doing good in the world. Let’s start with these steps which take less than 1 hour so we can start within 1 week.

  1. Please send us pictures of members of your chapter to chapters@health4theworld.org. Pictures of members working are even better rather than headshots.
  2. Make a whatsapp channel and include +19379016821, +14846394122, +17163980460, +13236977247 as admin with you.
  3. Send us emails of everyone in the chapter so we can include those in the weekly newsletter for free online weekly education.
  4. The chapter can subscribe to Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz6pJv034mh2FyiwFRububA
  5. Social media: Please follow @charityh4tw @bhavyarehaniMD @DrAnkurb @williamdillonMD on twitter and others. Share important educational messages from our twitter feed to amplify the impact. You can also make a twitter account to stay updated about the news: Health4theworld “Name of the Chapter”  Link for Health4theworld: https://twitter.com/CharityH4TW
  6. Projects: Please pick up a date and time on calendly for meeting to discuss projects. https://calendly.com/admin-1555/meeting-with-bhavya-rehani. Please see below for the projects which you can be involved in.